During the last season, Razorback went up against and, unfortunately, lost to Icewave. Congrats to team Icewave on their victory.

Here are some photos of Razorback's grudge match against Complete Control during Season 1 filming. Complete Control requested a grudge fight to see if they could redeem themselves from back in the day when El Diablo beat Complete Control in season 2 of Battlebots on Comedy Central. We mounted up our vertical spinning stump grinder weapon and said lets go! Complete control was able to flip Razorback 3 times and locked us in his flame thrower a couple of times too. However, we designed the weapon in a way that allows us to maintain mobility when upside down so we never stopped moving. The match went back and forth for its entiretly but in the end we landed some good hits and were able to win by KO!

Our win against SawBlaze stemmed from a very controversial judges split decision. SawBlaze pushed Razorback around the arena for most of the fight but in the end the judges decided that Razorback had done more damage with its active weapon and had exhibited sufficient aggression to win the match with respect to the seasons new point structure. Watch the fight here.

In this match we had an opening right out of the gate to gain the upper hand against Ghost Raptor. Before Dhost Raptor had time to spin up we were on it, and quickly latched on in a death grip before suplexing it into submission. Ghost raptor failed to right itself and was pushed around the arena into many of the traps. The match ended in a KO! Watch the whole thing here.