October, 2017

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July, 2016

We've been working hard on a new order of 150 MMP 30 EODs for the military, putting our total number of robots in action at over 1300.

April 2016

The Machine Lab just finished filming season 2 for TV show Battlebots with an upgraded, new and improved, more vicious version of Razorback. Click Here to check out the Razorback blog, and don't forget to check out our Facebook page.

June, 2015

The Machine Lab has has been very busy lately. Not only do we continued to manufacture our EOD and Tactical robot systems for the military and law enforcement but we have also focused our energies on a number of custom projects. The Machine Lab has completed several diverse projects in the areas of toy invention, semi-autonomous mobile robot platforms, robots that have filmed wildlife in the arctic, robots that clear debris from rooftops, custom multi-axis robot manipulator arms, and even robots that have appeared in television shows. We have also built a brand new industrial facility to consolidate our production and prototyping shops.

The Machine Lab just finished competing in the newly reinvented television show BATTLEBOTS with a wicked new mechanical creation called RAZORBACK. The TML crew really displayed their level of design and fabrication expertise with this awesome machine. Click here to see the Razorback Blog!

Another project that we completed was a custom tracked platform for a research company in the UK. This machine was to be controlled autonomously by an on board laptop via USB while giving an operator the ability to regain manual control of the robot at any time.

The mobile platform was outfitted with custom dual pan/tilt mechanisms for for multiple sensors and cameras. The platform also has a modular prototyping deck for electronics and the laptop.

Our engineers wrote the code and designed the electronics for the dual control system. All electrical components were sealed in waterproof housings and the robot was equipped with enough battery capacity to run for 4 hours continuously.

This custom robot platform was engineered to carry a mechanized debris clearing blower which cleans residential and commercial building rooftops. The robot is remotely operated and has a wireless video feed from a forward facing pan/tilt camera as well as a rear facing camera.

One of our MMP-40X-HD Tactical robots was used in the NBC television show State of Affairs as a bomb robot that is used to search a building for explosives. It appears in Season 1, episode 10 titled "The War at Home."

A custom long range MMP-15 was built for McAllen Police Department in Texas.

TML built several mobile robot platforms for a TV network in the UK that used them to film penguins in the arctic. These robots were modified to endure cold weather, harsh conditions and operate for extended amounts of time on a single charge.

TML also recently built 12 of our MMP-30-EOD robots for the Department of Defense.

An update has been long overdue but The Machine Lab is at the height of production here in 2013. TML, Inc. has not only secured another military contract through NAVSEA but has also recently completed multiple orders placed by the US Army and Raytheon. The NAVSEA contract will continue through to mid 2014 and will have enabled TML, Inc. to put over 1000 of our MMP-30-EOD robots into service.

TML, Inc also continues to grow our prototyping facility where we design and fabricate custom machines for a multitude of applications. Our team has created devices used in environments ranging from hostage negotiation to the filming of penguins in the Arctic.

Here is just one of the custom jobs completed by TML's prototyping lab. This tactical robot was specifically built for the West Covina SWAT team in Southern California. The robot has a 5 axis telescoping arm that can extend over 4 feet from its original length. The arm can lift 15 pounds fully extended and can reach a total height of almost 6 feet. The gripper is accompanied by a 220X Zoom/Pan/Tilt camera as well as a wide angle gripper-focused camera and a retrieval hook. There are several detachable tools that can be either be grasped by the gripper or manually attached in a matter of seconds.

The custom Operator Control Unit has true hot swappable batteries, a built in battery charger, 2-way audio with blue-tooth headset, 4-camera quadplexing and dual 3-axis joysticks for arm control. This allows the operator to precisely control all of the arm joints simultaneously. This robot can climb stairs as well as see over a privacy fence. It weighs in at only 125 pounds and has a speed of 3.5 ft/sec. It has a run time of approximately 4 hours depending on mission profile and can be deployed in less than 1 minute.

The Machine Lab's prototyping facility has also designed a proprietary new shape changing track that enables this mobile robot to traverse through even rougher terrain than the standard MMP-40X. In addition to increasing mobility the remotely reconfigurable track facilitates greater finesse and balance when ascending or descending stairs. The tracks can be proportionally controlled by the operator who may want to achieve a very specific angle or they can automatically change their geometry according to preprogrammed positions with the simple push of a button. The tracks can also be actuated independently or in unison.

July 2012

The Machine Lab, Inc. has been working diligently fulfilling an ongoing military contract with NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command) and their Naval EOD Technology Division. This contract runs through the year 2016.

Currently The Machine Lab has over 500 of our MMP-30-EOD mobile robot systems in theater in Afghanistan and surrounding areas. Our simple yet reliable mobile robots are being used to combat terrorism every day. Our robots have been in use in Afghanistan since November of 2009 by independent contractors as well as the US and Afghan Military.

Everyone here at The Machine Lab feels proud and appreciative to have the opportunity to help our men and women in action with our products.

Northern Colorado Bomb Squad robot for carrying hazardous gas sensors. Features include 8 foot telescoping surveillance mast, thermal, 200X zoom and IR cameras, 2-way audio, remote release trailer and custom operator control unit.

The Machine Lab, Inc now has 2 facilities in Northern Colorado. We have one production facility purely dedicated to the production of our MMP-30-EOD robot systems. The other facility is a prototyping department which continues to produce custom US Law Enforcement robot systems, Minefield Brush Clearing Machines, Entertainment Robots, Products for the Toy industry and a myriad of other creative business endeavors. We have even built mobile robots that have filmed penguins in the arctic.

We pride ourselves in our diversity and we maintain a very concentrated dedicated crew of multi-talented individuals.

Killdozer, festival performance robot

Typhoon 9000 is a 1200 pound brush clearing robot for reducing vegetation down to 2 inches height in active minefields. Features include 2500 RPM 8 hp electric flail cutter/mulcher attachment, 4 camera drive system, hybrid gasoline/electric power system and low ground pressure track drive.

July, 2010

In July of 2010 The Machine Lab, Inc. was awarded another contract by the US Navy. The Machine Lab has been increasing production to deliver another 90 of our back-packable MMP-30-EOD robot systems which will be deployed in Afghanistan.

In August of 2009 The Machine Lab was awarded a 2.4 million dollar contract to build over 100 MMP-30-EOD units. These specialized EOD robot systems will be delivered to Afghanistan by 2011.

The Machine Lab will doubling the size of our facility as well as increasing our in house fabrication abilities.

The Machine Lab, Inc. Just finished 35 complete surveillance robot systems for an international customer. These units were designed specifically to adhere to military specifications. They are IP-65 weatherproof and they utilize a new Lithium battery chemistry that allows them to drive continuously for up to 4 hours and standby for 10 hours. The batteries are hot-swappable and the units are designed to survive a 1 meter drop in any orientation.

Speed 7 ft./sec
Weight 17 lbs
Range 500 ft. LOS
Runtime 4 hours continuous driving, 10 hours video stand-by.
Video Pan/Tilt 420 lines color/IR video and audio

This MMP-40X custom tactical robot system was fabricated for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office in the state of Washington. Some of the unique features include dual pan/tilt cameras in the front and rear, and a remotely detachable trailer for carrying additional surveillance equipment or negotiations supplies.

For demos or refferals:


May 26, 2008

The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada commissioned The Machine Lab, Inc. to design and build a custom research robot for their AR2S robotics laboratory.

May 17, 2008

New Video of the MMP-40X Tactical Robot

May 1st, 2008

MMP-15&30-EOD robots help US soldiers in Iraq.

In July of 2007 the US army asked us to design 3 man-portable EOD robot systems with a 4-axis arms, video display OCU, multiple cameras, swapable batteries and chargers, all of which had to weigh under 35 pounds.

We were able to design, fabricate and ship all 3 robot systems by the end of October of 2007.


Killer MMP Robots?

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center excursion to Antarctica.


Department of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University custom robot platform to withstand extreme temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet and carry additional payloads exceeding 120 pounds.

The Lab for Autonomous and Intelligent Robotic at the University of Waterloo used an MMP-8 for their project named CAMMRON. Coordinated Autonomous Multiple Mobile Robot with Outdoor Navigation.

See their website for more

West Covina Police Department SWAT has been using several of our tactical robots and other custom equipment for 5 years now. One of the robots that we designed for them is based on the MMP-40 tracked platform.

For referrals and information contact Officer Prizzi at the West Covina Police Department in Southern California.


Arlington Police Department in Texas has been using two of Machine Lab's MMP-40 Tactical robot systems for training as well as real operation.

New planetary gearhead drive motors with 5 times greater gear strength come standard on all track drive platforms. New Heavy Duty drive sprocket for increased payload and durability.

May 20th, 2007

General News

We have seen significant growth in the demand for more Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) robot products. Utilizing an off the shelf product can drastically reduce the amount of time from concept to working prototype, especially for engineering teams that want to focus on software development and sensor integration rather than mechanical design and fabrication.

The Machine Lab has over doubled its gross sales every year for the last 5 years. This consistent growth has allowed us to expand the product line and and venture out into several different industries where robots play very important roles.

The Machine Lab now has 4 separate sizes of robot platforms available and we will be coming out with at least 2 new indoor platform designs in the next 12 months based on our customer feedback. We are always open to ideas from you the customer so feel free to tell us what you would like to see in our product line: size, shape, terrain, payload, geometry and price. We take your suggestions very seriously.

Our customers range across the board from individual hobbyists to large defense companies. Many of which have become repeat customers based on the performance of the platforms they initially purchased. Many of our platforms have been operating for more than 3 years.

Tactical and Surveillance Robots:

We have more than 30 custom robots in active duty with various law enforcement agencies all over the US. Many of these robot systems were customized specifically to the customers needs. We have two FCC legal systems for regular consumers and we have some larger more capable robot systems with a multitude of upgrades for police use.

We will be updating our tactical robots page with specs on some of the robot systems that we have designed and fabricated over the last 5 years. Our police robot systems range from $5,000 to $35,000. Please feel free to contact us for a custom system quote.

July 2, 2006

FREE Charger Promotion!

You get a free Smart Charger with the purchase of any MMP mobile robot platform through the Robot Marketplace.

July 1, 2006

New black all-terrain tracks for our MMP-30 and MMP-40 mobile robot platforms. The drive sprockets have also undergone a re-design to reduce hardware and weight while increasing durability.

June 8, 2005

The machine lab has many new and exciting updates! We have robots that have been performing dangerous missions on roadside transit routes in Iraq. We have also developed some mobile surveillance systems that are being used by several different police departments and Swat teams. We will have some pictures and descriptions up shortly.

Most recently we finished fabricating the worlds first .net programmed and WiFi controlled combat robot. The project was commissioned by ASPSOFT and Microsoft. The dangerous machine made its debut in front of nearly 8000 people at Microsoft's annual Tech Ed conference in Orlando Florida. Read more here.

October 27th, 2004


The website has been revised and updated with new information and specs on the new MMP-30 and MMP-40 platforms. We also have some new FCC approved camera units with monitors for the MMP-5 and MMP-8 inspection units.

There will be some video of our new platforms very soon. The new MMP-30 and MMP-40 platforms offer a much larger size and payload capability for even the roughest terrain. The MMP-40 robot can even climb stairs.

We are re-structuring our pricing for The Machine Lab to be an OEM manufacturer. If you contact us we will give you suggested retail pricing. Our primary Retailer is The Robot Market Place where you can find our line of Products. They will be updating there website and inventory with the new platforms as well as all of the new accessories. We encourage you to call or email us with any questions you may have about our products.

For those of you that have enquired about the MMP-100 platform we regret to inform you that we have terminated this product line in order to provide the lighter and more cost effective MMP-30 and MMP-40.

Also, we will be updating information on our larger tactical/inspection platforms. These Mobile Robot Systems incorporate multiple cameras, wireless audio and video and our new proprietary Spread Spectrum controllers. These new controllers have a phenomenal range and are more impervious to interference than traditional PCM or analog controllers. In addition to these advantages the spread spectrum units are smaller, lighter and can support more channels of proportional control. Feel free to call or email for more information.

October 6th, 2004


The Machine Lab is on the move! Business is booming and We have moved into a new facility. We have also been developing some new robot platform designs based on input from several different industries. We will be debuting the new designs at the Robonexus show in San Francisco on Oct. 21-23. The new designs and information will also be posted on the newly revamped website over the next couple of weeks.

The new designs are highly versatile and are being incorporated into many different disciplines including research, military and law enforcement.

One of the biggest pieces of news for The Machine lab is that there are 3 Machine Lab robots going to Iraq in the next few weeks. These robots are outfitted with cameras and designed to remotely inspect suspicious packages along the main transits routes and highways.

Keep checking in for new info and feel free to contact us.

May 29, 2004

There is some new info on some of the projects that The Machine Lab has been working on.


New Black Hard anodized chassis for the MMP-5 and MMP-8 mobile Platforms. These chassis are sleek and provide a scratch resistant surface. Check them out.


New camera inspection systems are available. You can learn more HERE and you can purchase the new systems at The Robot Marketplace.

We will soon be offering custom wireless controllers for our platforms as well as LCD screens for viewing mobile camera images.


We have posted some scale photos of the MMP-5 and MMP-8 platforms next to a standard sized laptop computer.

Also, New downloadable and printable PDF brochures for the MMP-5 and MMP-8 mobile platforms.


The Robot Marketplace is now an official distributor for The Machine Lab. They carry our two small MMP-5 and MMP-8 platforms. They can accept Pay Pal, Credit Cards, Mail Order or Purchase Order.

Click here for platforms, parts, accessories and payment information.


Tons of updates. There are new photos and video of the MMP5, MMP-8 and MMP-100 platforms. We took them to the red deserts of Arizona to put them to the test. There is also a brief description on the Projects page where we outfitted an MMP-8 with a color camera and transmitter.

Good news on distribution. If you are interested in purchasing a mobile platform from The Machine Lab they will be available through the Robot Marketplace. Platforms can be purchased via Credit Card, Pay Pal or by mail order.


The Machine Lab is setting the gears in motion and opening the doors for business. The site is under construction so please bear with us. We are in the process of filling in all of the gaps and setting up our Pay Pal account so we can accept payment via that service.

Feel free to shoot us an e-mail with questions and comments. Let us know if the site is performing respectably.

More pictures of the MMP-5 and MMP-8 platforms are being loaded. The larger MMP-50 and MMP-100 platforms are under final development and information will be posted as soon as possible.